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Why Choose Petersen Partners

Why Choose Petersen Partners

Why Choose Petersen Partners?

We have heard it stated there can be upwards of 100 people involved in coordinating efforts around one real estate transaction and an average of 17 hiccups in every real estate transaction. A typical sale involves well over 20 various steps and our Listing Process consists of a 180-point checklist. Petersen Partners’ goal is to coordinate all the moving parts and people in a transaction and eliminate the challenges as best we can on our clients’ behalf. We are there every step of the way to guide our clients through the matters that require special attention. 

Experience & Success - To date, we have helped over 1,000 buyers and sellers.
Superior Market & Contract Knowledge - We are skilled at navigating the idiosyncrasies of one of THE most important financial decisions you will ever make.
Professionalism - We work diligently through every transaction with fairness and effective communication.
Team & Support - We have a wonderful team and established systems and procedures to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.
Ethics - We will never guide our clients down a path that we would not travel ourselves.
Singular Objective - Our objective is simple: to help our clients buy or sell their home with for the best possible price with the most ideal terms.
Reputation - We have worked hard to earn and maintain a sterling reputation in our community.
Relocation - We have proudly worked with some of the world's largest companies to successfully help move their transferees.
Communication & Technology - Technology is a significant factor in our business, but we also believe that picking up the phone and discussing details of an offer is an extremely important part of any negotiation.
Innovative & Creative - We are always looking for the best way to find or sell the right home for our clients. Our team has the experience necessary to find creative solutions to any issues that may arise.